Zenoss Announces VMware NSX ZenPack

VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform that provisions and manages a fully functional network in software, including logical networking elements and services such as logical switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers, independent of the underlying hardware. The new Zenoss ZenPack for VMware NSX collects the network model from NSX Manager and monitors the health and performance of the various logical components. It supports VMware NSX used in both VMware vSphere and OpenStack environments.

NSX administrators using Zenoss Service Impact have access to a graphical model of the relationships between logical network components and the hypervisors and virtual machines they support. This translates to faster identification of problems in the virtual network infrastructure and a better understanding of the impact on consumers of logical network services.

“The future of the data center is software-defined everything, and network virtualization technology like VMware NSX is an essential element of this powerful IT transformation,” said Marcus MacNeill, Zenoss Vice President of Product Management. “The new ZenPack for VMware NSX works in concert with Zenoss’ extensive monitoring support for vSphere and OpenStack environments, bringing software-defined operations to these highly virtualized infrastructures.”

ZenPacks are pre-built connectors for Zenoss that add the ability to monitor new types of devices but can also be used to add new capabilities to the software itself. This extensibility is a key differentiator and critical capability for Zenoss as data center complexity spirals ever upward. ZenPacks can be easily developed using ZenPack Library (zenpacklib), which utilizes declarative YAML to simplify ZenPack development while increasing quality and consistency.


For more information: http://www.zenoss.com/about/news/zenoss-announces-vmware-nsx-zenpack

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