ServiceNow Acquires DxContinuum

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the enterprise cloud company, today announced it has agreed to acquire DxContinuum in an all‑cash transaction expected to close this month. The pioneer in intelligent automation, ServiceNow can further increase productivity for its customers by applying machine‑learning capabilities and data models developed by DxContinuum. As more Internet of Things devices make service requests, it is increasingly important that those requests be categorized, routed and responded to. Hundreds of thousands of machine and manual work requests can now be effectively and automatically categorized and routed for each ServiceNow customer, bringing the “intelligent automation” of today’s manual processes one step closer.

While artificial intelligence and automation are rapidly changing the consumer world from self‑driving cars to smarter homes, the workplace still relies on manual processes. Every day employees deal with IT incidents, HR cases, customer requests, and security alerts with back‑and‑forth emails, calls and spreadsheets. McKinsey researchers calculated that 49 percent of time spent on work activities could be automated, driving greater productivity gains.

ServiceNow is acquiring DxContinuum, a Silicon Valley‑based, machine‑learning company, to embed its technology in the ServiceNow® platform and across its products. DxContinuum’s predictive models will add greater efficiency in categorizing incoming requests from people and machines automatically.

By applying DxContinuum’s machine‑learning algorithms to each customer’s unique data set, ServiceNow can train machines on how to route IT, HR, customer service or other requests with a high level of accuracy. For example, the models could set the category of the inquiry and assign the ticket to the right team, as well as calculate associated risks. When enterprises better predict outcomes and automate actions, they can reduce costs dramatically and speed time‑to‑resolution.

“ServiceNow is at the forefront of intelligent automation,” said Dave Wright, chief strategy officer, ServiceNow. “Adding DxContinuum to the ServiceNow platform will move much more of the heavy lifting of work processes to machines, freeing people to focus on the highest value work.”

ServiceNow customers are particularly well positioned to take advantage of machine learning. Unlike vendors whose predictive models are applied to wide swaths of data from multiple customers, ServiceNow’s approach is tailored to each customer and their own cloud instance.

“ServiceNow already offers the industry’s most advanced software platform for automating enterprise work, and our technology will make it the smartest by far,” said Debu Chatterjee, founder and CEO of DxContinuum. “Their customers’ rich operational data sets will produce highly accurate predictions to speed work across the enterprise.”

The advanced capabilities for automated categorization will be available this year.

Details about the acquisition will be shared in conjunction with ServiceNow’s fourth quarter and fiscal year 2016 financial results announcement scheduled for January 25, 2017.  For more information on the ServiceNow platform, please visit this site.

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