ScienceLogic, Driven By Surging Demand For Microsoft’s Cloud, Integrates Deep Monitoring Capabilities For Azure

Several months ago, after recognizing skyrocketing interest from its channel partners in Microsoft Azure, ScienceLogic fast-tracked a deep integration of its IT monitoring and management software with Microsoft’s public cloud.

Earlier this month, the developer of hybrid cloud tools introduced those Azure capabilities to market, thanks to a feat of agile product development, ScienceLogic CTO Antonio Piraino told CRN Thursday.

“Based on a lot of our partners and customers, we’ve seen a shift of tide, where there was suddenly a huge wave of demand coming for Azure services,” Piraino told CRN. “We managed to work very rapidly.”

The Reston, Va.-based software developer laid out a multicloud road map about four years ago. It took the company two years to build deep monitoring capabilities for Amazon Web Services, the first public cloud company it partnered with.

About a year ago — some time after Microsoft’s partner conference last July — Piraino said he started noticing chatter from the company’s channel partners about the need for Azure integration. The clamor, initially, was coming from solution providers in international markets such as Australia and Asia, he said.

“It wasn’t till this year that we really started to see actual deployments picking up,” he said. “It was such a dramatic and obvious shift in the market.”

Colleagues at data center giant Equinix, a ScienceLogic partner — an “objective onlooker” that directly connects its global infrastructure to just about all major public clouds — also reported they were seeing an influx in demand for the Microsoft cloud, Piraino told CRN. Even some global hosting providers that were about to partner with AWS were suddenly telling ScienceLogic they would be offering managed Azure services instead, he said.

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