ScienceLogic and Data Tactics Partner to Bring ‘Big Data’ Monitoring to the Intelligence Community and Federal Government

ScienceLogic, a provider of next generation IT monitoring software, today announced a partnership with Data Tactics, a full spectrum data company. Data Tactics’ Big Data Engine Analytics Platform, built on the NoSQL Hadoop Framework, provides customers a low-barrier-to-entry Big Data Analytics Platform that supports scientific insight into an array of business intelligence problem sets. BDE Analytics Platform fuses structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sources to facilitate a multi-dimensional understanding of large volume data. Combined with ScienceLogic’s scalable and extensible monitoring platform, the joint solution now delivers full management of Hadoop and MapReduce systems, plus all of the related infrastructure cluster components. The end result is a complete, single pane of glass visibility into the Big Data environment performance and availability.

“Big Data is one of the primary obstacles enterprises and government agencies are facing,” said David Link, co-founder and CEO at ScienceLogic. “Data Tactics’ Big Data Engine™ combined with ScienceLogic, is unlike anything else on the market. It provides organizations a single source of truth for managing and monitoring all core operating systems and applications that are being run. As a result, users can ensure that their Big Data deployments work efficiently and fast, as it should.”

ScienceLogic software integrates the core IT monitoring functions needed to run today’s complex, distributed computing infrastructures. True multi-tenancy, dynamic mapping of resources and real-time dashboards are key components for success in the ever-changing world of IT. Built from the ground up, the ScienceLogic platform is an all in one product with one unified code base, user interface, and centralized data repository to make IT management easy.

“Having the ability to not only fuse thousands of data sources into our platform, we are able to provide our customers with a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring all of the applications. This capability is critical to our customers,” said Dr. David Bauer, CTO at Data Tactics. “Many of our federal government customers require a rich analytic platform in support of their business and mission intelligence in a big data offering. ScienceLogic works in concert with our solution in numerous ways including standardization and integrations with technologies in a NoSQL platform for monitoring and managing applications like Hadoop and the applications built on top.”

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