Opsview Adds Bevy of New Technology Integrations to its IT Monitoring Software

Opsview, an enterprise IT systems monitoring software company dedicated to making the lives of system administrators’ jobs easier, has released its latest offering, Opsview 4.6.3. The new version of Opsview includes nearly a dozen new Opspacks, which make the set-up and integration with new technologies faster, easier, and more efficient.  These new Opspacks enable users to quickly view data about their IT infrastructure that would normally take months of implementation time. With integrations such as Hyper-V, Docker, ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, Amazon Web Services, SMART, MDRAID, Service Cloud, Dell OpenManage, Advanced CPI and even SalesForce, Opsview is showing dedication to making every aspect of a sysadmin’s life a little easier.

On top of these new integrations, Opsview has implemented new security measures, in addition to their AES 256 encryption, with Windows and Linux agents.  The new increased security functionality will look to keep sysadmins’ minds at ease to focus on important uptime tasks.

“We’re looking to expand into every aspect of the system administrator technology stack,” said Sam Marsh, Product Manager at Opsview. “If you use it, and you depend on it, we want it to be monitored. Monitoring anything shouldn’t be hard. We want it to be easier.”

Any current subscribers to Opsview are encouraged to download 4.6.3 completely free. New or potential users can access the full experience of Opsview with a free thirty day trial.

Beyond the technology features, sysadmins also benefit from being a part of the wider Opsview community, which shares technical tips and fosters networking with others who might be experiencing similar problems or obstacles with IT administration.

Current subscribers can download Opsview 4.6.3 for free here.
For anybody still evaluating an IT monitoring system, you can give the full features of Opsview a try with this thirty day trial here.
Also, be sure to visit Opsview’s blog for insight and tips on how to improve the monitoring of your IT environment.


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