Monitis launches Node.JS monitoring

Monitis, the application performance monitoring specialist, extends its application monitoring capabilities with its new Node.JS monitor. The new applications monitor gives system administrators a wider insight into the performance of their Node.JS servers. This includes availability testing on their Linux and/or Windows machine. The new monitor also allows users to set thresholds to get alerts if any of the predefined Node.JS monitor metrics reach a critical level.

Node.JS is based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. The platform helps system administrators build fast and scalable network applications. To help with efficiency, Node.JS applies an event driven non-blocking I/O, which makes it particularly suitable for data-intensive real-time applications to be run across distributed devices.

“We are very excited about the availability of our new Node.JS monitor”, comments Mikayel Vardanyan, General Manager at Monitis. “Many market experts look at the typical Node.JS use cases, such as JSON based REST services, streaming, web real time and single page applications, as the kind of trends that you just cannot ignore. And it certainly goes without saying that you should be able to monitor these applications as they most probably represent the crucial parts of your website.”

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