LogicMonitor Releases Latest Free IT Ops Tool

LogicMonitor, the leading automated IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced the release of their latest free IT operations tools, JMX Command Line Tools™. This product set provides users with performance metrics via command line of any Java-based application in real time.

LogicMonitor has released two tools in this product set, JMXtop and JMXstat, both of which are configurable for Java applications. JMX Command Line Tools™ are ideal for debugging or troubleshooting because they collect real-time performance metrics on Java applications using JMX. Performance metrics collected include memory usage, threads, CPU usage, thread activity, and more application-specific metrics. The tool set is built to help software engineers and DevOps teams debug Java applications during the development cycle.

Jeff Behl, LogicMonitor’s Chief Network Architect, explains, “As an IT Ops professional, I use command line monitoring for debugging and troubleshooting. The JMX Command Line Tools™ give me very detailed performance metrics on every Java application we use or develop. My team also uses the tool set along with LogicMonitor’s Java application monitoring to get a very complete view of the performance of our applications in production.”

Behl concludes, “Our engineers built this as an addition to our existing Free IT Ops Tools to share with our customers and the IT Ops community because we couldn’t find another decent quality tool that does Java command line monitoring. Because Java is the base of so many applications, it is very important to us to have access to these real-time metrics to ensure optimal performance.”

The tools are available for download on LogicMonitor’s Github account. Currently there are configuration files written for Kafka, ZooKeeper, and Tomcat, three of the most popular Java applications in use today. The Github community can also write configurations for their own Java applications and share with others. Updates on configurations will also be made available via email and on LogicMonitor’s Github page underhttps://github.com/logicmonitor/jmx-clt.

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