AppDynamics Releases Application Performance Monitoring for Python Applications

AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced the general availability of application performance monitoring for Python applications. The AppDynamics APM Solution for Python brings all the capabilities of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to Python applications, including automatic application flow-mapping; real-time, end-to-end, code-level visibility to enable rapid problem resolution; and database and infrastructure monitoring. The solution monitors Python applications in both development and live production environments.

First introduced in the early 1990s, Python today is used by hundreds of thousands of programmers. The Python community has a reputation for valuing clarity, simplicity, readability and extensibility — qualities that align well with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform’s automatic instrumentation, clear and comprehensive flow mapping, rapid time-to-value, and extensive library of community-contributed extensions.

As the newest language in the AppDynamics APM family, Python applications now benefit from the tremendous scalability of the platform and the ability to see application and transaction performance across complex and highly distributed environments. AppDynamics APM for Python automatically discovers and maps application topology and dependencies, including other applications, web services, databases, and underlying infrastructure, providing visibility into the components and processes that can impact Python performance.

“In our efforts to become the world’s largest travel search site, Skyscanner has adopted agile development methods and Python programming in particular to help our IT operations scale. In fact, all our new front line services have been developed in Python, which now comprises nearly 50 percent of our application real estate,” said John Paris, service manager at Skyscanner. “Because our success is based on giving travelers instant access to every commercial flight in the world, it’s critical that we offer a seamless user experience, 24 hours a day. AppDynamics’ new APM solution for Python now gives us a single view from the traveler, into— and across— our technology stacks, giving us faster detection and analysis of issues.”

Specific functionality for Python developers and operations teams includes:

Code-level application monitoring: Visual drill-down on transaction snapshots enables rapid identification and resolution of hot spots and slow methods to minimize impact on users.

Key business transactions monitoring: The platform is able to correlate and trace key business transactions end-to-end across complex, distributed environments to understand how application and infrastructure performance impact business outcomes.

Errors and exceptions detection in real time: The platform detects and shows errors so they can be quickly resolved, and enables proactive addressing of exceptions via policy-based runbook automation.

Heterogenous database performance management: Unique agentless database monitoring technology shows how database performance impacts Python applications.

Infrastructure performance correlation: Visibility into infrastructure behavior shows its impact on application performance, with the ability to drill down to virtual machines, containers, servers, network, or storage, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

“With the growing popularity of Python, developers and IT ops teams need the kind of visibility that AppDynamics delivers,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management at AppDynamics. “With our solution, you can monitor Python applications in real time, drill down into call stacks, correlate transactions as they traverse distributed environments, and diagnose bottlenecks in development and in production. These are the necessary capabilities to keep Python applications — and all other applications — performing at their best.”

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The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive solution enabling companies to maximize business performance. The platform is designed and architected to give business users the confidence that their business is running at its best, to give IT the operational visibility and control they need, and to give end users the great experiences they’ve come to expect and demand.

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